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Kellems Plumbing is your most reliable partner in sewer line replacement San Diego. As San Diego County homes reach 50+ years of having Cast Iron Piping in the ground they are creating hair line cracks, holes, and breaks through out the sewer system. This leading to toxic smell, foundation cracking/and issues, soggy wet yards, etc. Trust Kellems Plumbing when it comes to your Sewer Cleaning and Sewer Line Replacement San Diego. The sewer lines that help your property function smoothly do a very dirty, but necessary job. 

Some companies like to reline sewer lines with a coating. For most cases we are firmly against this method due to the fact that if you have a leak in one area of a sewer line what is the integrity of the rest of the pipe to give enough backing for a coating. Our sewer line replacement services in San Diego give you the best and most cost effective option in the long term.

Finding a failure in a sewer line is a in depth process that can include – camera, test balls, water, time, digging, trenching, and more. Contact us today!

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Sewer Line Replacement

At Kellems Plumbing, we offer sewer pipe replacement in San Diego. New sewer lines could replace your collapsed, broken, punctured, cracked or root filled sewer lines.
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Sewer Line Repair

Kellems Plumbing does more than just clear San Diego’s backed up drains, we also repair water and sewer lines to correct problems. Call today!
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Water Heater Maintenance & Cleaning

Invest in regular professional drain cleaning. Grease and oil build-ups are one of the most common causes of sewer line blockages.

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When you need a plumber in San Diego CA or nearby areas of El Cajon, Santee, La Mesa, National City, and Chula Vista, go for a company with a proven reputation like Kellems Plumbing and Drains. Since 2015, we’ve been the go-to plumbers for countless home and business owners in San Diego County.

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