Kellems Plumbing in San Diego now offering Sewer Line Replacement in San Diego and National City

As San Diego County homes reach 50+ years of having Cast Iron Piping in the ground they are creating hairline cracks, holes, and breaks throughout the sewer system. This is leading to toxic smell, foundation cracking/and issues, soggy wet yards, etc. Some companies like to reline sewer lines with a coating. For most cases, this method is not appropriate due to the fact that if there is a leak in one area of a sewer line that means the integrity of the rest of the pipe might not have enough backing for a coating. . The sewer lines that help your property function smoothly do a very dirty, but necessary job. Finding a failure in a sewer line is an in-depth process that can include – camera, test balls, water, time, digging, trenching, and more. Contact us today!

Kellems Plumbing is now offering Sewer Cleaning and Sewer Line Replacement in San Diego and National City to help homeowners replace their sewer line system. Kellems Plumbing offers the most cost-effective option in the long term.

Kellems Plumbing is a family-owned and operated Plumbing Specialist servicing San Diego and surrounding areas. Kellems Plumbing has over 30 years of combined experience in plumbing and sewer line replacement and repair.

A sewer backup or leak doesn’t always have to result in a complete sewer line replacement. By calling in the right experts and identifying the root cause of the problem, often a simpler and less costly repair is enough.

Consider these factors to help better understand when sewer line replacement may be necessary, what it involves, and why.

Determine The Signs a Sewer Line Might Need Replacing

These sewer problem warning signs are often a good indication a sewer line may need replacing (or, at the least, need some maintenance or repair work):

  • Drain backups or persistent slow drainage
  • Gurgling sounds in drains
  • Foul sewage odors
  • Pools of water on your lawn
  • Flooding septic waste in your yard
  • Foundation problems

Kellems Plumbing is looking forward to serving San Diego County.

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